Captures your face perfectly

With PHOTOCALLER  more security and comfort at the same price!

The new PHOTOCALLER function from FERMAX takes an automatic snapshot of anyone who rings your doorbell, allowing you to store up to 150 images with the date and time when they were taken, so that you can feel relaxed whether you are at home or not.

Have peace of mind

... when you are not at home

Have peace of mind when you are not at home knowing that this new function
lets you know who has visited your home, even when you are away.

... due to its innovative DUOX technology

Have peace of mind because due to its innovative DUOX technology, you get to
choose which terminal suits your home. With Duox every resident in an apartment
block does not need to have the same terminal as their neighbour.

... because of its precision

Have peace of mind because of its precision, allowing you to store up to 150
visitor images with date and time details.

... because of the saving it offers

Have peace of mind because of the saving it offers, achieving high-end functionality without affecting the cost of your terminal.

...because the storage functionality

Have peace of mind because the advanced storage functionality of the DUOX Photocaller means that you can record and retrieve visitor images whenever you want to.

Available for VEO and VEO-XS DUOX video door entry systems.

Simple and functional. Comfortable and natural.

The new Fermax monitor stands out due to its design and simple usability. VEO is a simple and functional monitor designed for those who are mindful of every last detail in their home.

A synthesis that brings design and performance to its most essential expressions, in a monitor specially conceived for those who want to take the leap into video.

This device from FERMAX includes a full-colour 4.3” TFT screen, with a magnet in the handset that makes hanging up the telephone easier. Additionally, it is made from high-resistance ABS plastic with protection from ultraviolet rays, to achieve a higher resistance to the light.

VEO-XS is the ‘extra-small’ version of VEO. Small and thin, it is aesthetically impeccable and finished perfectly, so it can be placed anywhere in a home or office.

It works in hands-free mode, so it can be controlled with just one finger. VEO-XS offers all the benefits that are required in a modern video door entry system. Everything can be managed through its mechanical buttons and a simple 0SD menu.

With the blue button you can open the door and with the other buttons begin a conversation, turn on the camera, activate additional functions or adjust the settings.

And there is still one more detail: it contains a wheel for regulating volume, located on the side of the product.


All the information about DUOX system at

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